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Below is small list of excellent resources for the piano owner. Some are a bit technical, but for the most part each can provide insight into the the marvels of your piano.


--The Piano Technicians Guild has many resources for the piano owner. by Larry Fine is an invaluable resource for anyone remotely interested in pianos. This site helps a "would-be piano owner" make a more informed decision when purchasing a new or used piano.


--Want to know how old your piano is? The Pierce Piano Atlas is the resource.


--Dampp-Chaser manufactures piano climate control  systems that are recommended by the most prestigious piano manufacturers across the globe. Every piano could benefit from a Dampp-Chaser installation!


--While Equal Temperament is used most often when tuning a piano, there are other options. Check out Jason Kanter's fantastic web site dedicated to historical and alternative temperaments.


--While it has nothing to do with piano technology directly, here is a group of truthful speeches by Kawai America Senior VP Brian Chung. These are primarily aimed at music teachers, but are also "must reads" any parent contemplating throwing music lessons out the door.